Here are a few essential notes to read through as we get closer to your wedding day!
We want to ensure the best possible coverage, so these tips help ensure this! 



We have a very specific list of items that we need in order for your video to look similar to the rest of our work! We have a strong focus on details! While we are happy to share with your photographer, we need access to these items, as soon as we arrive!

Below is a list of the items we need set aside on the Morning of your Wedding... 

Password is rhbridetips


photographer impact

If you are using a photographer other than Richelle Hunter Photography - we cannot guarantee that your photographer will give us space/time to get our needed shots. We like to be on the same page as our bride and groom, so they know our video shots are equally important and require some time as well. :) 

For the same reasons, we cannot guarantee the impact that your external photographer may have on your film. For example, walking in front of our cameras or being in the video frame, not giving ample time, or unique direction. We make absolteuly every effort to avoid these things, but we are not liable for the impact said photographer has.



We love to work with you to ensure your Timeline looks AWESOME. This way, we can ensure that we have lots of buffer time for detail shots, portraits, reception details and a great pace for your speeches. 

Check out Richelle's guide to how much time is needed for photo & video below!

Password is rhbridetips

your emcee

On your wedding evening, we love being in coordination with your Emcee - this will help us know when a speech is about to begin!



speech podium

If you are opting to have us record your speeches; you must have a podium or very fixed location for your "Speech Givers" and MC to stand at (as we cannot follow wandering speakers around the room with our cameras without being very invasive, haha! We'd love to ensure great angles for you!)

adding speech coverage

If your day is getting closer and you are wondering about having more than Highlight Film, let us know - we are happy to accommodate Ceremony or Speech Coverage on your day! We can't go back in time, so we like to triple check that you are sure-sure-sure. :)